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Born and raised in, India, my Yoga journey has been a part of my life at various levels. My principles of life are very much in line with the Yoga Philosophy. Asana practice drew my attention when I met with a back injury and couldn’t walk. Ever since experiencing the benefits of yoga physically as well as energetically, I have only strengthened up my belief system on it. I have been a corporate geek for a few years before I took up my Teacher Training, purely to immerse in practice and switch off, but least did I imagine i'd sit on that red teacher's mat, lead a class, share all the learnings from my heart to as many people as I can. I haven't looked back since. A mum of a toddler, Dublin chapter in my life has been a hard start but I have found my feet and my community here and would always love to connect heart to heart because - this is my why :)


 The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

My Mantra:

 The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

- M K Gandhi

Mandala Yoga

Yin Yoga

SUN 19:00 - 20:15


Yin Yoga

THURS 19:15 - 20:15



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Journey Through The Chakras

Saturday, Feb. 27th at 2pm

The chakras, our energy centers within our body, have an enormous impact on our physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

They affect our perceptions, feelings and the choices we make.

In this immersive practice you will:

- Learn about the seven chakras within us.
- Go deep into the correlation between the chakras, their location, and their central issues
- Uncover why the chakras affect our emotional, mental and energetic states
- Embed the knowledge of the chakras into your asana practice


Take 90 mins to explore with Manasi the relationship between these energetic centres of your body (the chakras) and how these relate to your physical practice (asana) on the mat and then living the way of yoga (off the mat).

Studio Classes



Are you a recent yoga teacher training graduate and are looking to launch your teaching career?

Do you have ideas around your yoga offering but are unsure where or how to start?

Do you wonder what the best way is to get your name out there?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then I would love to help you!

Bespoke Course

I offer a bespoke mentorship course that will jumpstart your yoga teaching journey. Drawing from my own experience as well as my learnings over many years of teaching yoga and conducting workshops, both in-person and online, I can create a course curated for you that can include:

* Guidance towards designing your own class / workshop
* Helping identify, explore and highlight your strengths and working with you to create a teaching style that is authentic and unique to you
* Personal attendance from me in your classes and providing immediate feedback
* Opportunity to teach one or more of my personal classes and receiving immediate feedback
* Charting out a teacher training plan based on your long term goals
* Brainstorming ideas on ways to advertise your personal brand and style
* Creating practices to nourish your needs and expand your knowledge

and much more...

I will happily extend the course based on your requirements and progress.



"Manasi's teaching truly deepens your love of the practice in all ways. Her warm energy makes you feel both comfortable and valued, and she brings so much joy to everyone she meets." 

"Manasi is an amazing teacher! I always feel very grounded and restored after her classes and she gives precise adjustments that support your practice which I really like. If you want a class that’s a safe place to go deep and feel bliss, this is it!’’

"I had a class with Manasi and really enjoyed it, Manasi goes to detail on poses and gets the most from practitioners. Recommend"

- Siobhan, Dublin

- Catie, Dublin

- David, Dublin

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